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About Us

About Us about us about us

We, a small number of friends, associated with the Markaz-e-Wahdat (Unity Centre) in Islamabad urge to substantively contribute, in a humble way, towards positive changes in present human societies. Our work can be quite minimal, but we will be having a sense of satisfaction if one reasonably feels that we are doing something meaningful.

There are many zones in the contemporary world, which are mired with serious conflicts and the oppressors are enjoying full impunity to oppress general masses. The glaring examples are Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan is in an alarming predicament and the crisis is deepening to a dangerous proportion, by every passing day.

All persons with a human conscience and intellect owe responsibility to identify the actual issues of the world and seriously think over the solution of the problems. We have, nowadays, a plethora of news and analysis websites. However, we are of the opinion that rare are the people who work with a sense of responsibility, broad vision and an intention of exploiting their professional skills for the good of humanity.

We believe that Islamic concepts and principles do provide guidance towards redemption. But let it be clear that Islam must not be visualized through the theories and practices of those parochial people who represent it in a way as if human civilization has not advanced even an iota for the last fourteen hundred years, in knowledge, intellect and technology. These people are blind to the basic Islamic principle of Ijtehad, which means a constant and rigorous institutional exertion to synchronize Islamic way of life with requirements of the time. Islam is not to be understood either from the prism of those pseudo intellectuals who are hell bent upon innovating a secular version of Islam in the name of modernity and enlightenment.

We are confident that many in the world are seriously working towards bringing about the real concepts of Islam. “Fresh Initiative” is a move to further strengthen such peoples’ efforts. This website will, no doubt, apparently seem to be dealing with news items, analysis and articles. However, let our visitors read between the lines, they shall really find much more.

What we mean is to keep our visitors abreast of the happenings of the modern world with the aim that we support the endeavours aimed at changing the world in the light of the basic tenets of Islam. Let us, i.e. we and our visitors, explore how to make it a common cause to work towards that fresh initiative.