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Kashmir pellet victims appeal public for financial help

Thursday, June 14, 2018

With Eid-ul-Fitr round the corner the pellet victims in Kashmir have made an impassionate appeal to the masses to help them financially.  

The pellet victims under Pellet Victim Welfare Trust (PVWT) in a statement said that they had been economically drained due to high cost of treatment.
“Our organization is not a funded organization. We depend on the support of common people. Over 1200 pellet victims are in our group, who come from poor families and couldn’t afford medicines and other treatment charges,” said Mohammad Ashraf, 28 year old pellet victim of the group.

Ashraf said there are some pellet victims who want to commit suicide now, since they are finding it hard to survive.

He said people must come forward for their help and there cannot be a better occasion other than Eid for this humanitarian gesture.