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Modi’s Kashmir remarks well scripted and stage-managed drama: Geelani

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Says Vajpayee was no different than Modi for Kashmiris 
Occupied Kashmir’s top pro-freedom leader and Chairman of All Parties Hurriyat Conference, Syed Ali Geelani, has said that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Kashmir remarks in his Independence Day speech are nothing but a well-scripted and stage-managed drama.

The Indian Prime Minister in his speech said that only a warm and affectionate embrace, not bullets and abuses will resolve Kashmir.

Syed Ali Geelani in a statement issued in Srinagar said that personally Vajpayee may be a saintly figure for India and may have a liberal and realistic image but he had been nourished by the Sangh Parivar ideology. Vajpayee’s mindset and psyche is that of a staunch RSS follower as he basically belongs to this ideology, he added.

The APHC Chairman said, “In Vajpayee tenure the mantra of jamhooriyat carried the same meaning and message of blood spilling of innocent people in the streets as is being done by the Modi brigade today. ‘Insaniyat’ we have been testing for the last seven decades and his slogan was as hollow and deceitful as of others. This myth and rhetoric of presenting Vajpayee with a more human heart which beats for the helpless and suppressed Kashmiris is being propagated in such a high pitch that even common Kashmiris treat him as their ‘masiha’ and ‘well-wisher’.”

Syed Ali Geelani said, Modi’s magical speech may be celebrated by his own people and his stooges anywhere but Kashmiris have been witnessing their real face for decades and are well aware of the beasts and criminals in the democratic veil.

Referring to Modi’s remarks of “no bullet, no abuse, only a warm and affectionate hug to Kashmiris can resolve Kashmir issue”, He said this was nothing but a well scripted and stage-managed drama.

“Had these words any meaning or reality for the people in the corridors of power in New Delhi, our dozens of youth including the civilians would not have been crushed on daily basis. This paradise on earth would not have been turned into hell where only death and destruction is seen everywhere,” he said.

Criticised Governor N N Vohra’s speech on dialogue, he termed it and said, “Chief ministers, governors and other faces of Indian imperialism should restrict themselves to the job assigned to them and these mightier and gigantic issues like Kashmir are beyond their acumen and they should not try to poke their nose in these issues.”

“Converting the whole territory into garrison, unabated killings and countless arrests and then cunningly advocating the process of dialogue is nothing but a joke to be laughed at,” the APHC Chairman maintained.