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The on-going surge in Kashmir Movement

Thursday, February 2, 2017

The on going phase of the liberation movement in Jammu and Kashmir has not only unnerved the Indian authorities but also all those who have been claiming of spearheading the movement. Syed Ali Gilani must be an exception because he might not be considering the new phase as a threat to his leadership.

The worry of Indian authorities is quite understandable; however, the discomfort caused to the so-called liberation leaders needs to be comprehended.  These leaders are being seen throwing questions aimed at creating confusion about the youth coming on streets against Indian occupation. Who are these stone throwers, where they get funds from and who plan their programmes? 

The problem with the Hurriyet and other liberation leaders is that they have got the clue that the on going phase of the movement is sure to dislodge them and evolve some other leadership. This movement besides being directed against India is also aimed at automatically exposing Hurriyet leaders’ failure to deliver on their promise of liberating Kashmir. The problem with the APHC, JKLF and the Jehad Council is that the protests are being staged without their call, knowledge and control. Those associated with the Hurriyet(G) should also be wise enough to understand that the people will take their own course, no matter, any forum announces calendar of protests or not. No one is waiting for the existing set ups to give people the line of action. These groups are becoming irrelevant by every passing day.

One of the suspicions floated to confuse the matter is that the on going surge in the movement might have the same fate as that of the demonstrations on land row of 2008. The question raised is totally absurd. The agitation against the land transfer in 2008 was a success and it ended in the accomplishment of certain objectives of the movement and not in fiasco, as some people contend. The order of the puppet administration transferring Kashmiris’ land to a Hindu shrine board was withdrawn. The Kashmir dispute assumed center stage at the global level and it was proved once again that Indian state terrorism had failed to obliterate people’s commitment to the cause of Kashmir liberation and to Pakistan. The ongoing phase of the movement is again vindicating the same facts. An important factor, which has come to surface is that the liberation movement has passed on to the new generation. Let India fight it for another four decades, if God forbid it continues to remain as an oppressor for that period. The current uprising has paralyzed Indian control over the so-called law and order situation of Jammu and Kashmir and its claim that every thing is returning to normalcy has come to a naught. Even if the on going agitation proves to be short lived, still it will not end without giving positive dividends for the Kashmir resistance movement.

For the arguments sake, if the present protests are the handiwork of Indian agencies, let them continue with the job that is sure to backfire them. However, every sane person knows it better that the Indians are not too rascals to sponsor an agitation, which has risked and will risk their interests and India’s illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir.

The on going uprising is a part of Kashmiris’ resistance against India. It needs encouragement as well as participation of all those who want to see Jammu and Kashmir liberated from Indian bondage. Let the so called liberation leaders be alone in lamenting that they are being isolated by the history.


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