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27th Oct
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Egypt court upholds life sentence for Brotherhood leader Badie

Wednesday, October 26
Egypt's Appeals Court has upheld a draconian life sentence that was handed down to Mohammed Badie, the spiritual leader of the now outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.


China to carry out more military drills in South China Sea

Wednesday, October 26
(Reuters) - China will carry out military drills in the South China Sea all day on Thursday, the country's maritime safety administration said on Wednesday, ordering all other shipping to stay away.


Trump says Clinton policy on Syria would lead to World War Three

Wednesday, October 26
(Reuters) - U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said on Tuesday that Democrat Hillary Clinton's plan for Syria would "lead to World War Three," because of the potential for conflict with military forces from nuclear-armed Russia.



Election discourse in IHK

Nowadays, the people in occupied Kashmir are engaged in a discourse on the issue of participation in the elections, periodically held by Indian authorities. Without any reference to the absurd arguments advanced by those who have been serving the Indian interests in the territory, let us take stock of few valid points, which genuinely precipitate from the debate.


Towards the path of unity

One of the biggest challenges faced by the Muslims in the contemporary world is how to forge unity amongst them. One of the manifestations of disunity is the division on the basis of fiqh (jurisprudence) and schools of thought. This has resulted not only into the segregation of the worshipping places and the educational institutions but also into the blood shedding of one another. There is no denying the fact that the phenomenon is not new but a continuation of an unfortunate series of historical events.


Where is the silver lining!

It is really sad but understandable that despite sea changes in the world politics India is hell bent upon sticking to its unreasonable stand vis-à-vis Pakistan and Kashmir. India, in the recent past, had to face tremendous pressure within Jammu and Kashmir but full marks to its resilience that it has succeeded in pacifying the situation. It had to hold a defensive position when the uprising in Kashmir was at its peak during the nineties but is again on offensive against Pakistan and the people of Kashmir.


In Kashmir, artists depict tragedy on canvas

Ongoing unrest becomes catalyst for artists to share their works in Srinagar
Wednesday, October 26
While Kashmir is undergoing over three month long unrest, noted artists including painters, sculptures, musicians, story writers, poets have shared a platform to express their works, depicting the tragedy on the canvas.


Reminiscent of 1990s: Indian paramilitary to encamp Srinagar’s downtown again

Wednesday, October 26
In the wake of recent spurt in militant attacks, the J&K government is planning to encamp more Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and other paramilitary forces in old city or the Shahre-e-Khaas in Srinagar, dragging the summer capital towards reminiscent of 1990s, when bunkers and other security installations mushroomed on the onset of armed struggle against Indian rule.


Kashmir: Resistance leadership extends shutdown until Nov 3

Wednesday, October 26
The joint resistance leadership on Wednesday extended the shutdown until November 3 while calling for breaking the "military siege" of Jamia Masjid on Friday.



Kashmiri women on forefront

‘The saga of their heroic tales is an inalienable part of the resistance movement of Kashmir- a grand narrative of courage, resilience, and determination’
By Z. G. Muhammad
In South Asia men, out of share bravado often use the phrase, ‘we are not wearing bangles.’ Interestingly, even top generals often use this phrase for sending a terse message to the enemy country that we are not as weak and breakable as women. This South Asian phrase is comparable to the famous soliloquy of protagonist in Shakespeare’s masterpiece Hamlet, ‘Frailty, thy name is woman!’ that depicts women in a negative context as frail beings weak in a character who fail to rise to the occasion and fight adverse situations with fortitude and courage.


Kashmir: why talk to India?

By Munir Akram

Following the extensive discussions at the recent Pakistan envoys’ conference, Pakistan proposed a ‘separate’ dialogue on Jammu and Kashmir to India.

As expected, India promptly interposed preconditions for the talks, even more onerous than in the past. Pakistan’s counter — that the talks would be strictly on the basis of the UN resolutions on Kashmir — indicates that the proposal for talks was largely a tactical move to expose India’s obduracy.


Effective strategy needed for Kashmir

By Zafar Bangash

While the Kashmiris valiantly resist the brutal Indian occupation, their friends around the world need to develop a coherent strategy to help them overcome one of the most brutal militaries in the world.



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