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23rd Jan
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'Dump Trump': Thousands join global march

Sunday, January 22
(AFP) - Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of London, Paris and other cities across the world chanting “dump Trump” in solidarity with US protesters, a day after America's new president was inaugurated.


At least 23 killed, scores injured as Indian train derails

Sunday, January 22
At least 23 people were killed and around 100 injured after an express train derailed in southeast India Saturday night in the latest disaster to hit one of the world´s largest rail networks.


Militants blow themselves up after gunfight with Saudi forces in Jeddah: media

Sunday, January 22
(Reuters) - Two suspected militants blew themselves up following a confrontation with security forces in Saudi Arabia's second city of Jeddah on Saturday, Saudi media reported.



Election discourse in IHK

Nowadays, the people in occupied Kashmir are engaged in a discourse on the issue of participation in the elections, periodically held by Indian authorities. Without any reference to the absurd arguments advanced by those who have been serving the Indian interests in the territory, let us take stock of few valid points, which genuinely precipitate from the debate.


Towards the path of unity

One of the biggest challenges faced by the Muslims in the contemporary world is how to forge unity amongst them. One of the manifestations of disunity is the division on the basis of fiqh (jurisprudence) and schools of thought. This has resulted not only into the segregation of the worshipping places and the educational institutions but also into the blood shedding of one another. There is no denying the fact that the phenomenon is not new but a continuation of an unfortunate series of historical events.


Where is the silver lining!

It is really sad but understandable that despite sea changes in the world politics India is hell bent upon sticking to its unreasonable stand vis-à-vis Pakistan and Kashmir. India, in the recent past, had to face tremendous pressure within Jammu and Kashmir but full marks to its resilience that it has succeeded in pacifying the situation. It had to hold a defensive position when the uprising in Kashmir was at its peak during the nineties but is again on offensive against Pakistan and the people of Kashmir.


Geelani pays tributes to Gaw Kadal martyrs, appeals intellectuals, historians for documentation of Kashmir massacres

Sunday, January 22
Paying glowing tributes victims of Gaw Kadal massacre, the All Parties Hurriyat Conference  chairman Syed Ali Geelani appealed to the intellectuals, historians and literary persons to formulate a chronological record and documentation of all these events and massacres to pass it on to next generations.


Pellet victims in Kashmir form association, stage demo

Seek end to use of eye snatcher weapon
Sunday, January 22
It was intense cold when some youngsters on Saturday morning, donning sunglasses appeared at Press Enclave in Srinagar, holding banners, demanding justice.


Uproar in JK Assembly over PSA detentions; MLA suspended, recalled

Sunday, January 22
(Greater Kashmir) - The detentions under Public Safety Act during the 2016 mass uprising in Kashmir rocked the Legislative Assembly on Saturday after MLA from Valley’s Langate constituency, Er Abdur Rashid stormed into the Well to protest against the detention of a “minor” and others under the law. Rashid, who repeatedly entered the Well, was suspended for two days from the Assembly for disrupting its proceedings but was later recalled to the House.



Seeding Confusion

Such tactics can''t defeat the resistance movements in the world
By Z G Muhammad
Seeding confusion for subverting the resistance movements is an old trick.  It is a lethal weapon that the dominant forces have been using for altering the paradigms of the struggles for justice. For subverting the resistance movements, and dissuading the struggling people from their goals the dominant forces confound the public mind by imposing the alternative discourses and conjuring the dominant phraseology. For, fostering and fortifying the dominant discourse and giving currency to the State sponsored phraseology the powers that be look for hirelings from various strata of the intelligentsia- more particularly from academia, media, and bureaucracy.  Interestingly the state has now been engaging the serving of members of the elite services also for doing the job.


The transformative power of the Sirah of the noble Messenger (pbuh)

By Zafar Bangash
The noble Messenger (saws) was sent not only to inform but also to transform humanity by bringing it out of darkness and into light. Muslims ought to pay attention to this aspect of the Sirah in this month of Rabi al Awwal.


Kashmiri women on forefront

‘The saga of their heroic tales is an inalienable part of the resistance movement of Kashmir- a grand narrative of courage, resilience, and determination’
By Z. G. Muhammad
In South Asia men, out of share bravado often use the phrase, ‘we are not wearing bangles.’ Interestingly, even top generals often use this phrase for sending a terse message to the enemy country that we are not as weak and breakable as women. This South Asian phrase is comparable to the famous soliloquy of protagonist in Shakespeare’s masterpiece Hamlet, ‘Frailty, thy name is woman!’ that depicts women in a negative context as frail beings weak in a character who fail to rise to the occasion and fight adverse situations with fortitude and courage.



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