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26th Aug
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France warns of Muslim stigmatisation amid burkini ban

Thursday, August 25
French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve warned against stigmatising Muslims, as a furore over the banning of burkinis grew with the emergence of pictures showing police surrounding a veiled woman on a beach.


India investigates submarine information leak

Thursday, August 25
(Dawn) - India has ordered a probe into the leaking of secret documents by an Australian paper, detailing a French-designed Scorpene submarine it is building, and analysts quantified the damage as equal to decades of snooping by Pakistan and China.


Italy earthquake: Search for survivors as death toll tops 240

Thursday, August 25
(BBC) - Thousands of rescuers have searched through the night for survivors following Wednesday's earthquake in a mountainous area of central Italy.



Election discourse in IHK

Nowadays, the people in occupied Kashmir are engaged in a discourse on the issue of participation in the elections, periodically held by Indian authorities. Without any reference to the absurd arguments advanced by those who have been serving the Indian interests in the territory, let us take stock of few valid points, which genuinely precipitate from the debate.


Towards the path of unity

One of the biggest challenges faced by the Muslims in the contemporary world is how to forge unity amongst them. One of the manifestations of disunity is the division on the basis of fiqh (jurisprudence) and schools of thought. This has resulted not only into the segregation of the worshipping places and the educational institutions but also into the blood shedding of one another. There is no denying the fact that the phenomenon is not new but a continuation of an unfortunate series of historical events.


Where is the silver lining!

It is really sad but understandable that despite sea changes in the world politics India is hell bent upon sticking to its unreasonable stand vis-à-vis Pakistan and Kashmir. India, in the recent past, had to face tremendous pressure within Jammu and Kashmir but full marks to its resilience that it has succeeded in pacifying the situation. It had to hold a defensive position when the uprising in Kashmir was at its peak during the nineties but is again on offensive against Pakistan and the people of Kashmir.


‘We won’t yield even if India sends whole of its army’

Ongoing resistance of Kashmiris has unnerved New Delhi: Geelani
Thursday, August 25
Kashmir’s top resistance leader and chairman All Parties Hurriyat Conference, Syed Ali Shah Geelani has said ongoing resistance of Kashmiris against the civilian killings by forces has unnerved New Delhi.


Quietly, Indian army is back on North Kashmir streets

Enforces strict night curfew
Thursday, August 25
Away from the media glare, the Army has taken over the control in all north Kashmir districts and are not allowing the people to move from evening till morning, enforcing strict night curfew.


Day 47: Pellets kill 10th grader in south Kashmir’s Pulwama, 100s hurt

Thursday, August 25
(Kashmir Observer) - Government forces killed a teenager in the wee hours of Wednesday in Pulwama district of south Kashmir just hours before Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh arrived in Srinagar to review the prevailing situation. Hundreds of civilians are reported injured as pellets rained on them when the government forces fired shotguns to quell the unrest.



Kashmir: why talk to India?

By Munir Akram

Following the extensive discussions at the recent Pakistan envoys’ conference, Pakistan proposed a ‘separate’ dialogue on Jammu and Kashmir to India.

As expected, India promptly interposed preconditions for the talks, even more onerous than in the past. Pakistan’s counter — that the talks would be strictly on the basis of the UN resolutions on Kashmir — indicates that the proposal for talks was largely a tactical move to expose India’s obduracy.


Effective strategy needed for Kashmir

By Zafar Bangash

While the Kashmiris valiantly resist the brutal Indian occupation, their friends around the world need to develop a coherent strategy to help them overcome one of the most brutal militaries in the world.


Kashmir continues to burn

Kashmir was never so far away from Delhi as it looks currently
By Firdous Syed

Kashmir is fully immersed in battling a war of survival. Undeniably the repression  has been ugly, rather uglier.  Equally popular uprising--- our collective response to the challenge of the time--- is not only heroic but soul inspiring also. Call for Azadi is the real soul cry of Kashmir. Does there still linger any doubt about that?  Read more...


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